If you want the links to your CRM pages to resemble your website's URL, you need to set up your domain.

For example, if your business' website is www.abc.com, you can have your links be on any subdomain of your primary domain.  

In the example below, stikigreenz is a subdomain, and abc.com is your primary domain.  


The benefit of setting this up is that your links can look way more personal and branded, like:


instead of this:


To make this work, you will need to follow the steps below.  

  • Go to Settings > Domains
  • Click Add New Domain
  • Type in your domain.  Make note of the instructions below the first text field.  You will need to edit your domain's DNS zone.  This can be done wherever you have registered your domain name (ex: GoDaddy.com, NameCheap.com, etc...)
  • Click Add
  • Once you click on Add, you might see a warning.  DNS zone changes can take some time to propagate across the Internet and be detected by the CRM.  The domain won't be added until the settings are verified.

  • If you have already created some funnels, you can choose to set them up now.

  • Click Link Domain to complete the setup.